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Prepping for a holiday

Going on holiday can be quite stressful to organise, especially if you are the most unorganised person ever. Once you have decided where you are going and the transport there are a few small tips to help you cope with the build up to getting there and any problems that may occur along the way.

A lot of people have luggage problems, make sure before you leave you make a list of everything you have in your suitcase, right down to your tooth brush, another good idea is to take a photo of it exactly how it is before you close it. This will help identify it if it becomes lost. Take a photo of the outside too. This is also helpful because on average 1 out of 200 bags go missing. Also do not leave old tags from previous flights on your case, only keep the current one on your case and make sure your name and a contact number is visible from the outside. Although you should have an address with your luggage in case it does go missing and someone finds it. Make sure it’s not visible from the outside just in case somebody does find it. This is telling them that you house is empty. Keep your address inside the case on a piece of paper. A better idea is to use a friend of family members address as then if your luggage does get sent home, it will be with somebody as opposed to be sitting on the doorstep of an empty house.

You must also make sure you have all the valuable things in your hand luggage, for example your passport, money, keys to luggage, any other identification and flight tickets and check this a few times before you hand over your suitcase.

Another idea when holidaying is to buy a holiday guide if you are unfamiliar with the area. Does some research before you go and find out what is good and what isn’t. Also laws are different in different places. So what you may see as acceptable in your country may not be acceptable in another country.

Many flights will also refuse you if you are too drunk, if you are waiting in the airport a very long time don’t get excessively drunk as you may not be able to go on holiday at all. And another thing to remember in the airport is if you leave your baggage unattended it will more than likely get taken away and investigated. It’s a good idea to make sure when checking in that you have only your own luggage on the trolley and you aren’t taking somebody else’s in as well.

And last if you are travelling with children, make sure you give them a note or piece of paper they can keep on them at all times detailing your telephone number, name and where you are staying. Just in case anything does happen, it is more likely that they will be returned to you.

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