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Top tips for car hire in Johannesburg

For any travel to the capital of Gauteng that you may need to arrange, be it business or leisure, car hire in Johannesburg offers the most convenient way to get from A to B during your trip. By hiring a car at a reputable rental agency, you are able to select a make and model from a wide range of vehicles, with something to suit all budgets and travel requirements. Hiring a car for the duration of your stay means that you don’t have the hassle of dealing with public transport or having to ask friends or your hosts to drive you around to meetings, shopping centres or anywhere else you want to visit. Hiring a car is a lot more affordable than you may have thought, and a good agency will offer reasonable vehicle hire rates on a daily or monthly rate. This takes out a lot of the stress of planning your trip, leaving you free to focus on the million and one other things you still need to do.

The vibrant city of Johannesburg is famous for its high-paced energy, bustling city and wide range of things to see and do. During your travels, you can explore all that this fascinating and multi-cultural city has to offer, from outdoor adventures to world-class shopping, exceptional restaurants, trendy bars, markets and a plethora of areas that all have something to offer visitors. As such, car hire is the ideal way to get around the city at your own pace – make sure that you have a reliable and current city guide or street map however, and be cautious when driving in less developed areas. Some of the most interesting places to visit in Joburg include the following:

  1. Mellville. Arty, trendy and somewhat bohemian Mellville has a range of fascinating shops, restaurants, bars and galleries that give this suburb its reputation for being a mini Cape Town. Key highlights here include a visit to the restaurant and bar Buzz 9 for delicious cocktails, a meander down Seventh Street, which is the setting of popular local soapie Seve de Laan, as well as day trip to explore the beautiful Melville Koppies Nature Reserve to see archaeological remains of Stone Age and Iron Age settlements and enjoy the bush veld vegetation of this region. Car rental offers the best way to explore the area at leisure, without having to worry about time constraints and tour groups.
  2. Sandton. By far one of the most exclusive and trendiest destinations in South Africa, Sandton is home to a number of world-class hotels, shopping centres and attractions. The area is constantly developing, and with luxurious high-rise apartments, swanky boutiques and huge, elaborate hotels, one may be forgiven for thinking that they have been transported to the midst of downtown New York.
  3. Soweto. This famous township is the birthplace of some of the country’s greatest leaders, including beloved world icon Madiba. Soweto is one of the most thriving and developed townships in the world, and as such, this suburb has grown to be one of the most popular destinations for tourism in South Africa. With the help of car rental in Johannesburg, you can spend a day in Soweto, taking in the sights and ending off with a cold beer at an authentic local shebeen (pub).

If you are looking for the ultimate self-drive adventure, to explore all the sights and highlights that Johnnesburg has to offer, then make sure that contact a rental agency to arrange a car hire for your trip.

Andre Van Kets is the co-founder and IT Director of a leading car hire agency, and offers advice and tips on car hire in South Africa for travelers seeking affordable and reliable self-drive travel solutions.

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