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Taking Advantage of Singapore Travel Agencies

If you are shopping for your next vacation, the best time to look for a travel agency in Singapore would be either February or August of the year. That is when the NATAS (National Association of Travel Agents Singapore) Travel Fair will be held. You can shop around for the best deals offered by the Singapore travel agencies. Tour agencies also offer many advantages that you can take advantage of.

NATAS Travel Fair

This is the biggest travel fair in Singapore. It is held twice a year, usually in February and August, to target customers planning to travel during the Singapore school holiday peak seasons. The travel agents in Singapore will pull out all the stops to offer their best discounts during this time. Competition is fierce and you can likely get a good deal if you make careful comparisons. The crowds are big too so you have to be there early to grab the best travel offers before they are fully taken.

Package Tours

Though not for everybody, package tours often allow you to see a foreign exotic country at a significantly lower cost than if you were to plan your own travel, free and easy style. This is because of the bulk discounts on travel, hotels and meals. If you do not mind sticking to a standard itinerary, choose a package tour to save costs. Alternatively, you can also spend a bit more to extend your stay for a few days so you can explore the place more at your own pace.

Group Discounts

A travel agency in Singapore can offer discounts if you are travelling in a group of four or more. Whether it is discounts on air fares or discounts on tour packages, always ask the tour agency. A big family or group of friends can often get huge savings when booking together with a travel agency. Furthermore, if your group is big enough, the package tour can be arranged exclusively for your group only. No more squeezing with strangers!

Air Ticket Discounts

Travel agencies often have air fare deals offered only to them. Additionally, they may also have purchased air tickets at a bulk discount. You may not be able to find the same deal if you go directly to the airline. So it makes sense to check with these agents when booking an air travel.

Travel Information

Other than the discounts, take advantage of the wealth of information that each travel agency has. You can check with them regarding peak and off peak seasons (important as there are often extra surcharges during peak seasons), weather, suitable food and other destination travel information. Even if you are not taking a package tour, the information from the travel agent can be a base to build your own itinerary on.

These are the benefits one can have by checking with the travel agency. Whether you are in Singapore or elsewhere, you can save more by calling them or doing an online check. The next time you want to travel, take note of these points.

Cynthia Lee is an avid writer and traveler. For reviews of travel agencies and tour deals from Singapore, check out Travel Agency Singapore.

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