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Getting around in East Africa

East Africa is regarded as a “developing” destination – infrastructure is still under-developed, road signage is scarce and roads and airports are certainly not First World at all.  This makes for a wonderful non-commercial holiday and safari experience but it therefore is not a destination that you can visit with your own vehicle on a self-drive basis. We take the risk and hassle out of your safari experience by making use of reputable “ground handlers” or transport providers. This takes the risk out of getting around East Africa.

Driver Guides and Safari vehicles

We provide you with a driver / guide who will take you on safari.  These professionally trained guides know the roads and conditions and they are there to get you safely from A to B safley.

Safari vehicles are mostly 4 x 4 Toyota Land Cruisers or Landrovers that are modified for superior safety and game viewing.  You need the 4 x 4 capability to handle the tough road conditions throughout East Africa, and many of the roads are unmarked and potholed.

Scheduled and charter flights

East Africa is extensive and driving everywhere could take you months. A full day’s drive could be covered in a short 90 minute flight, so most safari itineraries include scheduled or chartered flights directly to the landing strips of the lodges you will be staying at.  These flights mostly employ small twin-engine light aircraft like the Cessna Grand Caravan.

International flights

Flying into and out of the correct international airports will save you a lot of time and could also save you untold money on unnecessary internal flights.

If your itinerary ends on Zanzibar then flying home from Zanzibar International or Dar es Salaam International will help.  If you would like to start your safari in the north of Tanzania, for example, it would be better to fly into Kilimanjaro International Airport.  Cheaper flights would fly into Nairobi, but an overnight in Nairobi and a possible connection to your next destination should be calculated for to find out the “real cost” of getting to your destination. Nairobi to Kilimanjaro, for example, could cost as much as US$250 per person. We can get you from one country to another easily and flights are now readily available between Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.

In addition, we help you with all of your arrangements and will advise you on booking the most suitable international flight routing. Generally, we encounrage our clients to book their internation flights directly with the airlines as we find this to be the cheapest option. We would prefer to take care of all local flight arrangements to ensure a seamless experience.

Safari 365 are specialists at arranging East Africa safaris. Safari365 is here to help you create unique and rewarding East African safari experiences. As a specialist destination travel company, we are your one stop safari guide, offering you genuine first-hand travel advice and take the hassle out of booking a safari to Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

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