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Prague Tourism Thriving for Good Reason

When you think of hot vacation destinations, Prague may not immediately spring to mind. But this capital city of the Czech Republic is actually becoming a bit of a tourist destination. And why not? The city features dozens of historic sites, wonderful restaurants, friendly pubs and a thriving nightlife scene. It’s little wonder that Prague tourism is booming.

Nearly 4.6 million tourists visited Prague in 2008, according to the city’s own stats. Tourism dollars today account for nearly 5 percent of Prague’s Grass National Product.

Prague tourism can generally be broken down into three parts: There are the historic castles, shrines, cathedrals and villages that attract history buffs from around the globe. Then there are the fine dining and shopping districts. Finally, there’s the natural beauty of this capital city, one that the locals and visitors alike have dubbed the Golden City.

Few Westerners realize how scenic this Czech city is. Prague, though, boasts more than 24,000 acres of green space and nearly 20 miles of winding rivers. It features 10 scenic islands. Its location on the River Vltava offers plenty of amazing vistas, whether you’re strolling through one of the city’s many historic districts or enjoying a late-night bite at one of its many riverside fine-dining establishments.

You can expect Prague tourism to only continue its impressive rise. After all, this is a city that gives visitors the chance to see the home of legendary author Franz Kafka. The stone house in which Kafka wrote many of his most famous works is tucked inside the grounds of Prague Castle.

Prague is whimsical, too. Tourists enjoy listening to the street buskers that perform regularly on the city’s St. Charles Bridge. Take a stroll here, and stop a bit at the stalls where Prague residents sell art, handmade gifts and other souvenirs, and you’re likely to hear banjos, trumpets, clarinets, guitars and accordions filling the air with music.

Just as magical is the Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square. The clock tells time, of course, but does it in its own special way. When a new hour dawns, the figure of a skeleton appears. The 12 Apostles of Christ follow. The sight is a popular one among tourists, and it’s not unusual to find Old Town Square crowded with them whenever a new hour approaches.

But historic sights and beautiful scenery aren’t the only reasons for the boom in Prague tourism. There’s something special about the people here, too. They have a joy and vitality that is unusual. The residents of Prague work hard, but they also know how to celebrate. This has attracted a colorful mix of residents and travelers to the city, everything from hard-charging businessmen to eclectic Bohemian types. And none of them are above spending a long evening in a friendly neighborhood pub sampling some of Prague’s world-famous beer.

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