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Bangkok Sex Districts: Do’s and Don’t

For a first timer, Bangkok’s sex districts can be quite intimidating, with it’s blaring neon lights and aggressive go go bar touts. But that’s not what you should be wary of. It is in the company of bar girls and freelancers that you should really look out for. And here are some vital tips to help keep money in your wallet for that return trip home.


  1. Don’t tell a bar girl it’s your first time in a go go bar. First timers are the first to get overcharged since they are not aware of the prices.
  2. Don’t follow touts to a go go bar or massage parlor. Seasoned visitors to Bangkok’s red light districts never follow anyone. It’s another sign you’re a newbie and you’ll be overcharged as one.
  3. Don’t keep your B100 (pinkish color) notes and B500 (purplish color) notes together. Go go bars are not the most well lit places. And add in the factor your eyesight may not be as sharp after 5 beers, both notes will look alike. Some waitresses may try to short change you when you hand large notes to pay bills.
  4. Don’t hire escorts in Bangkok. They are not worth the extra money. Get yourself out to a go go bar. You’ll have a much better experience.
  5. Stay away from taxis and tuk tuks outside hotels who offer to take you to the best naughty massage parlors. They earn a commission from the parlor which you’ll be paying. There are many information websites about soapy and oily massage parlors and are very easy to find.



  1. When you’re at a beer bar it’s okay to chat with other tourist and make friends. You may learn things you never knew before from other’s experiences. 
  2. Bangkok is not just full of ‘temples and whorehouses’. Do visit the historic and cultural attractions found throughout the city.
  3. It’s okay to tip the ladies ‘only’ if they provide good service. B300 – B500 should be enough.
  4. Get yourself a GSM Sim card capable mobile phone. You can buy a local Thai Sim card called Happy DTAC from any 7 Eleven stores for B200 which includes minutes. Use your phone to store phone numbers of your favorite Thai freelancers for those lonely nights.
  5. Find a hotel that has a guest friendly policy because they will not charge you a fee for taking a bar girl, gay or ladyboy back to to your room. These hotels are located throughout Bangkok’s sex districts. Non-guest friendly hotels charge up to B1000 for taking a companion back to your room.

Bangkok is a safe and very tourist friendly city with plenty of English signs and affordable transportation. But always use your common sense when exploring the sex districts. If you feel like you’re in a bad situation than leave and never feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to.

Visit Bangkok Guest Friendly Hotels for a list of hotels that don’t charge joiner fees.

Jim Hunt is an expat in Thailand who writes about Bangkok’s redlight districts and Pattaya’s nightlife.

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