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Tips for Golf Holiday

Planning for a golf holiday trip abroad for the first time can be quite challenging. There are plenty of essential travel tips you need top be aware, the following tips can enhance you golf holiday trip abroad:-

1)   Golf Holiday Destination

There are many golf holiday resorts around the world and you need to decide which one to pick so that it meet most of you needs. While you look out for a good and reputable golf holiday resort, you should consider other options for your family members if they are not playing golf with you..

Many golf resorts allow one ball play on weekday while some on weekend during off peak hour. If you play alone, confirm with the golf resort before you make reservation for your golf holiday trip.

2)  Place for visit

It will be great if you pick a location where family members can visit. Look out for a golf resort or hotel that is nearby the city center. That will give your family member option to spend their time on city tour.

3)   Weather condition

The weather condition of the golf holiday destination can make a day. I am sure you prefer good weather to play golf, as well as for a city tour for your family members. If you want to travel during winter season, you need to consider the extra luggage with you for those extra thick winter clothing. On the other hand, if you travel to tropical countries, do consider the raining season during March to May and September to November period. To double sure, do confirm with the resort.

4)   Alternative golf course

It will be great if you can get a location where there are more options for your golf game. If you pick a destination which has many other golf courses nearby your golf resort or hotel. Check out the time need to travel to those golf course so that you are comfortable.

Dr. L M Foong is a senior golfer who travel abroad for his golf holiday. He writes article on golfing tips and golf holiday reviews. Click at Golf Holiday to read more

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