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Crested Butte Ski Vacation

Crested Butte Ski Vacation

When we think Colorado and world class ski resort often the first thing that comes to mind are the mega resorts like Aspen and Vail. However there are many ‘smaller’ resorts that are just gems in the skiing world. Crested Butte is one of those. This article is to give you some basic information on Crested Butte and how to plan your next ski vacation to the Colorado Rockies.

First things first when putting together your vacation package, how much do you want to spend. Unfortunate as it is these things always boil down to cash in the end so we’ll start there.  When your looking around for your lodging at Crested Butte make sure to pull up a map and cross reference the location with the ski resort. Get the distance of the rental store and lodging to the resort. The closer all these are together the better for convenience sake however the pricier it will likely by. Try to strike a nice balance between distance and cost.

The mountain of Crested Butte in nested in Gunnison County, Colorado. It was originally a mining community and now holds the title of ‘the last great Colorado ski town’.  The resort has a base elevation of 9,375 feet and a top elevation of 12,162 feet above sea level. There are 448 acres of terrain which span the whole of skier experience. So expect runs for all levels.

Durring the summer there are plenty of activities as well from biking, hiking, rafting, rock climbing, to more leisurely activities like golfing.

Whatever your reason for traveling to Crested Butte expect a genuine and unique Colorado experience.

Remember above all to relax and enjoy yourself!

To book Crested Butte ski vacation packagescall 1.970.372.6551. You can also book cheap ski packages online from the comfort of your own home.

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