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Ski Vacation Packages in Wyoming

Ski Vacation Packages in Wyoming

Ski resorts in Wyoming are extremely varied from the large world-class resorts with 5 star lodging and dining experience to the small mom and pop style resorts. No matter which type suits your fancy you’re sure to find it and more.  This article should help those of you looking for information on how to plan your trip and some basic facts about resorts and skiing in Wyoming.

First off I want to list the sorts in Wyoming: Antelope Butte, Big Horn, Grand Targhee, Hogadon, Jackson Hole, Sleeping Giant, Snow King, Snowy Range and White pine are your choices. The two extremes of the big gun resorts and mom and pop’s would be Jackson Hole which is big and beautiful and Pine Creek, which is smaller but a great value. Most resorts in the state average around 400 inches of snowfall annually so there should be no lacking of fresh powder no matter which one you decide on.  Wyoming ratio of skiers to skiable acres is huge, so expect no crowding when you hit the slopes.

So after you decide which resort is for you, think about lodging. Grab or pull up a map of the resort and surrounding area. When you’re booking lodging take a look at how close the lodging is to the resort. This is important because distance often equals money. It also equals convenience. So you need to make a decision on how much you want to spend in relation to how far you’re willing to travel. Ski in ski out is of course the best choice. This refers to the ability with your lodging to be able to ski in and out; the lift should be right out your door (can’t beat that). However it’s a bit pricier. Other considerations with lodging are amenities. What do you get with your room? Is there a kitchen? Kitchens are nice especially with a ski in ski out place because you don’t have to eat at the resort when you’re skiing which should save some cash.

If you fly in you should decide to rent your gear. Taking oversized luggage on planes is a pain and costs a bit these days with extra bags running about 50 bucks each! So again look at a map and see how close the store your talking to is in relation to the resort. The closer the more expensive. See if there is a large town or city on the way to the resort that has a chain outdoor store. You can most likely find cheaper deals outside the ski towns from large chain stores.

Last but not least remember to have fun and relax, skiing I meant to be fun!

To book Wyoming ski vacation packagescall 1.970.372.6551. You can also book cheap ski packages online from the comfort of your own home.

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