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How To Make Memories On Cheap Ibiza Holidays

Youve got your tickets, your passport is packed, your mates are already waiting at the airport and youre all set to find out exactly what cheap Ibiza holidays are all about. Make a list of things to do so you dont end up just staring at the bottom of an empty beer bottle all week and make sure you make some wonderful memories while on your cheap Ibiza holidays. Here are my top five suggestions to put on that list.

  • Ibiza Town by Night

The walled city of Dalt Vila is one of the most picturesque images of Ibiza holidays as it is lit up like a fairytale town at night. Shops and market stalls trade well into the early hours alongside bars and cafes serving much needed refreshments. The sounds and smells of this area will stay with you long after your holiday is over, however the most memorable sight has to be when the club parade begins. A carnival atmosphere ensues as people wander through town, methodically handing out their flyers, dressed in fascinating, colourful costumes. An unbelievable sight.

  • Hippy Market, Es Cana

On the east coast of Ibiza, just back from the beach amongst wonderfully shady woodland, youll find the effervescent hippy market. Step back into the sixties as the dazzling tie dyed colours and aromatic smells waft through the air. Get your pictures, crafts, trinkets, leather goods, jewellery; clothes and practically anything else you can think of at this fascinating market. The atmosphere here is fantastic and although its becoming a little more commercialised, will never hopefully lose its magical hippy charm.

  • Sunset at CafĂ© del Mar

Head straight for Cafe del Mar and the legendary sunset strip at the end of San Antonio Bay. Get there in time to grab a drink and pick your spot to watch the sun setting, with hundreds of other party goers who descend on the promenade and surrounding rocks to witness one of the most memorable sights of your life.

  • Eat Paella

Traditional paella is cooked with snails however on Ibiza; these are usually replaced with seafood. It gains its yellow colour from the saffron added to the rice which also adds to its unique flavour. Paella is often cooked in enormous pans infront of the customer and some restaurants will have a chefs speciality.

  • Nightclubbing

Ok were back with the alcohol again! This party island is packed with choice for places to dance all night long. Privilege holds 10,000 clubbers, Space opens its doors at sunrise, just as the others are closing, and Pacha is popular with the locals as well as tourists. International DJs grace the decks here and you only know that its time to go home when you simply just cant dance anymore!

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