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Insure Gifts Before Visiting Mexico For the Holidays

This article is a result of many inquiries regarding whether or not one requires insurance coverage on gifts while traveling to Mexico over the holidays. Are gifts/presents covered in an insured’s vehicle or hotel while visiting Mexico? What are the insurance limits?

Statistically, domestic burglaries increase during the holidays. Unfortunately, results on theft while traveling to or visiting Mexico at Christmastime are unavailable. However, one should still be aware of insurance coverage on gifts before traveling with them.

Mexico tourist auto insurance policies do not cover the contents of an insured’s vehicle while visiting Mexico. However, a homeowner’s policy usually does cover vehicle contents.

The National Alliance of Insurance Education and Research states that an insured’s personal property is covered on a homeowners policy, whether owned or used, while it is anywhere in the world. Generally, the limit of liability for “other than resident premises” personal property coverage is 10% of the limit of liability, or $1000, whichever is greater.

Items not covered on a homeowner’s personal property policy include: animals, birds, fish and property of roomers, boarders and other tenants.

I spoke with a customer service representative with a popular US homeowners insurance company and was told if you have a property or renters insurance policy through them your contents are covered anywhere in the world. The contents coverage is built into the property and renters policies. The limits depend on the policy chosen.

To be sure your gifts are covered by an insurance policy before traveling to Mexico for Christmas, the following is recommended:

Contact your home or rental insurer to make sure you have home contents insurance. Be sure you are covered when you travel to Mexico. Get the limits of your policy from your insurer. Find out the claims process, so you will be prepared in the event your gifts do get stolen in Mexico.

Keep receipts and photos of gifts; this will make it much easier if there is a claim.

Keep your gifts/presents out of sight of those passing by your vehicle or the window of where you are staying. Do not obviously display gifts where potential thieves will see them.

Do not hang the “Clean this room” card on the door of your hotel, telling potential thieves you are not there.

Avoid regular patterns of entering or leaving the place you stay when visiting Mexico.

Park in well-lit areas.

In most cases, you will not have to worry about theft while visiting Mexico. Hopefully your holidays will be filled with joy and ease while traveling. Aid the relaxation process by preparing ahead of time for unwelcome events.

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