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Crater Lake National Park

Few places on earth create such an overwhelming awe from observers, however Crater Lake National Park certainly does. Even in a region that boasts many natural and volcanic vistas, the only description for Crater Lake is incredible.

Crater Lake National Park is the nation’s 6th oldest National Park and is one of the most visited and coveted tourist attractions in Oregon. It is 180,000 acres of true wonder and splendor. Visitors to the park tell stories of how you cannot possibly be prepared for the beauty of the park in person. Pictures can only offer a limited point of view but seeing it in person can inspire.

The crystal blue lake, which is ringed by 2,000 foot mountains, is the thing that picture postcards are made of and the area offers a wealth of hiking, biking, boating and horseback riding. Indeed, Crater Lake is truly one of the Unites States’ most outstanding national parks.

Built of rustic stone and wood this expansive four-story structure has scenic balcony’s and verandas that overlook the strikingly beautiful Crater Lake along with a great hall that will charm you with its massive rock fireplace. Ornate hanging lamps, and comfortable furnishings offer a wonderful place to relax in the evenings after a day spent exploring this wonderful national park.

These crown jewels of the National Park Service are uniquely located in some of the nation’s most remote scenic back country. Most of these remarkable landmarks were hand-crafted at or before the turn of the last century. Small armies of old world artisans and craftsmen came together to showcase their remarkable skills in Americas newly formed national parks.

The lodge there has a history, and we were attracted to the possibility of seeing Bald Eagles in the area. This possibility became reality on our second evening there when we made our way down to the docks a short distance from the lodge. While scanning the tops of the trees on the northeast shore of the lake a lone Bald Eagle flew into view and sat upon a snag.

Crater Lake is located in Oregon and is famous for the intense blue color of its waters and for its spectacular views. There are steep 1,500′ to 2,000′ drop offs all around the lake…simply beautiful. The beauty of Grand Canyon is beyond compare. When you first lay eyes on its magnificence it will take your breath away. You are completely humbled by it’s immense beauty and size and there is truly no place like it on earth.

Katavi National Park: In 2001 the Serengeti had 100,000 visitors; in contrast the Katavi National Park in the remote and almost inaccessible west of Tanzania had only 83 visitors. The only other people you are likely to meet in this park are other guests and the staff at the one [tented] lodge in the one million hectares of this park. This is the personification of the term ‘well off the beaten track’. It is famed for its huge herds of buffalo up to four thousand in a single herd.

Chaimu crater, just south east of Kilaguni Serena lodge and the roaring rocks viewpoint can be climbed in about 15minutes. The views from either spot are stunning with falcons, eagles and buzzards whirling over the plains. While there is little danger when walking these trails, be ware that the wildlife is still out there so keep your eyes open.

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