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Raffles Hotel New Year’s Eve Gala Ball, a night to remember

Singapore is an independent island city-state located at the tip of the Malay peninsula. Singapore’s formal history commenced in 1819 when Sir Stamford Raffles of the British East India Company founded a trading centre on the island, which became a port of call on the spice trade. Singapore soon became one of the most significant military and commercial centres of the British Empire. In the years after Singapore’s independence, the state has prospered, becoming one of the most affluent nations in the world. Singapore is an attractive destination for tourists, drawn by the state’s shopping and sightseeing attractions.

Singapore’s historic Raffles Hotel has gained a reputation for unrivalled grandeur, prestige and unequalled excellence in attentive service and exclusive facilities. It was founded by four Armenian brothers and named after Sir Stamford Raffles. From relatively modest beginnings the establishment has grown into one of the most esteemed and prestigious hotels in the world, opening its doors to celebrities and royalty.

This year the hotel will celebrate more than 120 years of class-leading hospitality and the momentous events that have unfolded within its hallways by organizing special events that will attract an exclusive audience. Conforming with tradition, this year’s New Year’s Eve Gala Ball will mesmerize participants in the imposing hotel lobby. In what promises to be an enthralling experience, guests will be treated to canapés and champagne followed by a regal 7-course dinner.

Guests will be able to dance to their heart’s content to the sounds of an internationally recognized ‘Bee Gees’ tribute band. At the stroke of midnight a sensational balloon drop will usher in the New Year. The magnificent Gala Ball promises to be a dazzling extravaganza with a global glitterati in attendance.

If you desire a five star hotel in Singapore there is no finer choice than the Raffles Hotel, Singapore. A landmark in hotel accommodation Singapore, the Raffles Singapore always upholds its regal heritage.

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