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A list of ‘must-have’ travel accessories for India visa holders

There are various accessories India visa travellers must never leave out during their trips. An Indian visa consultant must check into every traveller before he/she goes aboard.

Once you’ve acquired a Visa to India and are ready to embark, below is a list of items you should have:

* First aid kits: An Indian visa traveler must carry with her clinical items that conform to safety in cases of accidents, short illnesses or other individual needs. The kit may consist cotton wools, anti-ache tablets, cough syrups, surgical spirits, prescribed medicines, bandages, plasters, pain ointments, etc
* Personal items: Every Indian visa traveller must carry hygienic and skin care products such as make up kits, toothpastes and brushes, hair combs, lotions or creams, lipsticks, lip balms, soaps, small bath towels, nail files, tissue papers, underwear among others.
* Sun covers: A visa to India holder should choose a nice sun helmet that will protect you from direct sun during travel.
* Sleeping pad: should be made of water resistant synthetic fibres. It should be soft to offer sound comfort to the traveller. Pads with heavy linings suit cold climatic conditions.
* Shoes: For all individuals in possession of a visa to India, it is advised that you wear flat shoes and possibly have other spare pairs for baths and changes as frequently as you desire.
* Clean drinking water: An Indian visa holder is required to carry a bottle or several of clean water for use in the course of the journey. You can purchase an Indian Iodine water purifier which is suitable for boiled, bottled or tap water.
* An Umbrella: This acts as a cover against rains, bright sun, foggy or misty climatic conditions. It will give you defined shades in your treks to various parts of India.
* Contact lens: Indian visa possessors must have ultraviolet protective sun glasses especially those from colder origins.
* Lighting materials: You may be required to carry own lamps, torches or candles for lighting in the night. You can add up a few batteries and bulbs as per own preference.
* Travel cases: Choose bags that have strong and soft hip and shoulder straps that are not injurious. An Indian visa tourist requires zip locked cases to ensure security of enclosed travel accessories. Bags with side pockets are better.
* Photo apparatus: Every Indian visa traveller will be overwhelmed by its unique panoramas; a photo camera will help them record good events and places.

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