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The Road to Mexico

Mexico has always been an attractive destination among many Americans as a relatively affordable holiday destination. But before you pack your bags and throw the kids into the back of vehicle, there some things which you must put into consideration. Traveling to the free trade zone or even the border zone which is approximately twenty kilometers south of the Mexican -America border should be hustle free for anyone as no documentation is necessary.

In the event that you would like to cross the border then it is mandatory to then ensure that you have with you at least two copies and an original of your valid passport or even birth certificate to show that you really are a citizen of the country you claim to represent. In some cases it might even be necessary to have a tourist card.

Documentation for the vehicle you are driving will also prove to be very handy. This should at least include a valid vehicle registration certificate or any other document which shows who legally owns the vehicle. This must also be in the vehicles driver’s name. In the event that the vehicle has been leased, the leasing contract must also be presented with the name of the person who leased the vehicle in the first place. This also applies for imported vehicles which will be entering the country for the first time. Company vehicles also need to have some sought of confirmation that person driving the vehicle truly is an employee or authorized to drive the vehicle by the company. In some cases an international credit card is a must especially one that is issued outside Mexico in the name of the person driving the vehicle.

Having crossed checked all the above then the next logical step is to proceed to the Mexican border customs office. All the documents at this point are still expected to be in the driver’s name who is supposed to be the one driving it across the border at that time. You will then be required to fill a temporary import permit coupled with a vehicle return promise and a vehicle bond to ensure that the vehicle will be returned to its country of origin. You could alternatively choose to pay for the bond at authorized consulates of Mexico within America to ensure that you do not spend too much time at the border. One of the things that you will be meant to do is to pay for the certificate which is non refundable plus a bond for the guarantee return of the vehicle your driving.

The Mexican border police will then offer you documents which completes the process of entering Mexico with the award of a certificate. This certificate however should be returned to the Mexican border upon your return but if you are not going to return to America, then the permit for temporary importation should then be cancelled at the customs. The bond that was posted will also be returned. If followed correctly then your holiday in Mexico should then kick off smoothly.

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