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Prague Is Enriched In History

Ask people who’ve visited Prague and they’ll be quick to tell you that there is no capital city in all of Europe that is as beautiful. That’s because Prague, often called the Golden City, has done a wonderful job of preserving its historic churches, homes and shrines. If you’re a fan of ancient history and classical architecture, there are dozens of Prague attractions that you’ll want to take in during a trip to the Czech Republic’s capital city.

History waits around every corner in Prague. Best of all, you can access most of these historic Prague attractions on foot. And you can take as much, or as little, time as you want seeing them all.

You should start your sightseeing with St. Nicholas’s Church. The Jesuit Order commissioned this church during the first years of the 18th Century. That’s when the father-and-son team of Christoph and Kilian Dientzenhofer, later assisted by Kilian’s son-in-law Anselmo Lurago, built this fine example of Prague baroque architecture.

It took the Dientzenhofers from 1704 to 1756 to finish construction of St. Nicholas’s. That hard work was undoubtedly worth it, as the church today stands as one of the top Prague attractions. If you are a fan of fine art, you’ll want to see the large statue of St. Cyril stabbing the devil with his pastoral staff. Another highlight is the church’s rococo pulpit decorated with angels and cherubs. Finally, stop by the baroque organ, which Mozart actually played in 1787. It features 2,500 pipes and 44 registers.

Next on your list is another holy place, St. Vitus’s Cathedral. This church took nearly six centuries to complete. The current church, which was consecrated in 1929, stands on the former site of a chapel that was originally founded in 925.

Construction began on the current St. Vitus’s, a fine example of Gothic architecture, in 1344. Because of this, there is plenty of history to be seen here. It’s hard not to be impressed by the Golden Portal, the church’s original entrance that today is home to a stunning mosaic of the last judgment. This mosaic has graced the church since 1370, and has since been restored, something that has brought its brilliant colors back to life.

Another of the top Prague attractions is Loreta, a baroque shrine that has been the site of religious pilgrimages since 1626. Loreta, besides being the home of some incredible art and architecture, is also a place of legend. Prague’s residents still recite the story of when the Virgin Mary’s house in 1278 was magically transported by angels to Loreto in Italy, saving it from the Infidel.

The Loreta shrine was inspired by this medieval legend. That’s why you’ll find the Santa Casa inside the shrine. The Casa is a faithful replica of the Virgin Mary’s replanted house, one that even uses a beam and many of the bricks from the Italian original. If you look carefully, you’ll spot a small statue of the Virgin Mary here.

These are just three of the many Prague attractions that have histories dating back centuries. Visiting them, and the other castles, shrines and historic villages, that dot Prague is a great way to learn more about the roots of this Golden City’s long and proud history.

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