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Hotels in Dublin City Centre


Dublin centre hotels are some of the most luxurious and interesting hotels to visit in the whole city of Dublin. Hotels in Dublin city centre are in walking distance of many of the most popular locations in the city. Central Dublin is one giant downtown area, and the city has worked hard to make it a desirable and fun vacation spot. There are several sub-areas of central Dublin, each close to different events and destination spots. Before choosing a hotel, it is a good idea to have at least some semblance of an idea of what you want to do while there.

South central hotel locations

South central is popular with locals and visitors alike. Central Dublin hotels in this area are usually more expensive than those not located in central Dublin. The south side of central Dublin has many popular attractions such as:  Numerous authentic pubs and bars, the Grand Canal, St. Steven’s Green, Grafton Street, and many shops and other fun things to look at. Because of this area’s popularity, almost every hotel is expensive. Deals are hard to find, but not always impossible. The Internet is a great place to find deals on even the most expensive hotels in this area. Most of the central Dublin hotels deals can be found several months in advance.

North central hotel locations

The River Liffey is just south of the north part of central Dublin. This northern area has many fun activities such as shopping, musical events, theaters, movie theaters, pubs, and more. Temple bar is just a quick hop over the river. Locals and visitors both enjoy spending time in Temple bar. Because of the popularity, just like the south central area, hotels can be hard to find. Central Dublin hotels are the hardest to find during weekends and summer months. However, it is possible to find budget hotels, extended stay hotels, and mid-range hotels in this area as well as luxury hotels.

Booking a central Dublin hotel

To book a hotel in the very popular central Dublin hotels, it requires some advanced planning. Avoid weekends and the summer if possible. All bookings should be done several months in advance no matter what time of year you wish to visit the city. There are usually discounts offered online for many hotels. Some sites offer discounts for booking the hotel, the airfare, and a car rental all from the same site. Others offer discounts for hotels rented just a couple of nights ahead of time. The winter may be the perfect time to visit Dublin to avoid large amounts of crowds. However, Christmas is probably a bad time to go because locals are out and about.

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