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Boston’s Chinatown – a taste of Asia

Boston was the first medieval port that the ‘Pilgrim Fathers’ founded in the Americas. Although a mere strip of land in the entire map of the US, Boston has a glorified reputation that has endured through the ages. Spearheading a series of industries and areas of interest such as finance, education, culture, art and science, Boston is overflowing with activities and places to see. Enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of this thriving city that has held the centre stage of the US for centuries. Be swept away by its vibrant nightlife, endless shopping opportunities, gastronomic delights, state of the art facilities and entertainment to last a lifetime. Known to have a dynamic ethnic populace, Boston is proud to have a large Chinese settlement in the city. And as with many cities across the world, it has its own Chinatown.

Boston’s Chinatown can be found in the neighbourhoods that border Massachusetts Turnpike, Southeast Expressway, South End, Boston Common and Downtown Crossing. With a high concentration of all things absolutely Asian, tourists and locals flock to Boston’s Chinatown for their dose of Asian cuisine and exotic items. Find Chinese traditional medicine that can reputedly cure anything from a headache to cancer at Chinatown. Some of the best Dim Sum can be found in this part of Boston, and the month of August is especially delightful with the Moon Festival celebration in full swing. During this time, children take to the streets with colourful lanterns in hand, and passers-by will find many eating sweet cakes and partaking in other cultural activities during this time.

Take a walk through Chinatown and you might just forget that you are in Boston. Set amidst the Theatre and Financial Districts, the sound of chopsticks clattering and the sight of tea being poured will be a common sight. The locals will be poring over Chinese newspapers and conversing in hushed tones of Mandarin and Cantonese. Traditional architecture, with red tiered roofs and intricately designed walls and carvings will follow you, wherever you may go in Chinatown.

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