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Things To Do In Jersey

Jersey is a small Channel Island that offers so much variety in a very small space. If you are taking a trip there then the best time to go in summer when the weather can get very warm. But even during the times of miserable weather, there are always interesting things to do.

the first thing to consider when going in the warm weather are all of the beaches. There are over 20 of them dotted conveniently around the island and no matter where you are you will never be too far away from the beautiful solt sands.

there are also several places where you can rent out bikes and go on cycling adventures all round the island. Trekking is also another popular activity and you should consult the local visitors centre to find maps of all the different routes for you to explore.

if you are with a young family you can never go wrong with the Jersey zoo that has some of the worlds most wonderful and endangered species on display. The zoo is set over grounds of about 31 acres and can be completed in a few hours if you want to see everything. There is also a gift shop and a restaurant on site.

for other days out be sure to visit the Samares Manor with its beautiful grounds and gardens. Take a tour aroud the manor or get involved with one of the tips through the grounds on a horse drawn van. For those who are interested in nature and beautiful creatures, the butterfly centre is a real treat. Visitors head into an enclosed area and can get up close and personal with hundreds of rare and wonderful butterflies.

for the museum lovers, there are many to visit and take in when the weather takes a turn for the worse. The Jersey museum offers visitors the chance to learn all about the islands cultural history and all of their traditions. There are interactive exhibits and activities to get involved with to provoke your interest. For another side of the islands history visit the maritime museum to find out all about its water based activites. Of note on display is an historical boat currently undergoing restoration.

there is also a military museum that covers both British and German history and gives an insight in some of the fighting that has taken place on the island in past years.

the beautiful island offers something for everyone.

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