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Canterbury – Kent Filled With Heritage

Canterbury-Kent offers its visitors a perfect blend of countryside and coast and ensuring a variety of interesting this to see and do. Canterbury is exceptionally inspirational and one will fall in love with staggering countryside as well as the history and heritage Canterbury Kent has for its tourists to discover. There are six museums and two castles which have been declared World heritage Sites.

Canterbury has been occupied dating back to prehistoric times where archaeologists have found Palaeolithic and Neolithic axes as well as Bronze Age pots. Canterbury was also the main settlement for the Celtic tribes. The Roman then took occupation during the first century AD and rebuilt the city.

In 597 St Augustine founded and became the first Archbishop of Canterbury. Thomas Becket’s was also murdered at the Canterbury Cathedral in 1170 and thereafter the cathedral became a place of pilgrimage for Christians globally hence the Canterbury Tales.

Many of the historical structures can still be viewed such as the 14th century ruins of St Augustine’s Abby and the Norman Castle as well as The King’s School which is probably one of the oldest in England. Canterbury is a historian’s paradise.

After the Romans left in 410 AD the Anglo Saxons took over then between 842 and 851 Canterbury Kent was raided by the Danish and many lives were lost and then again in 991 and in 1011 the Danish attacked and burnt down the Cathedral. Again Canterbury was invaded by William the Conqueror in 1066 and he then ordered a mote and bailey castle to be built alongside the Roman city wall.

Canterbury has association with many of the latter day Saints such as St Augustine, St Anselm, St Mellitus, and St Alphege as well as others. Canterbury at that time had the tenth largest population and the population fell drastically due to the Black Death. In 1413 Henry IV was buried in the Cathedral which took four hundred years to complete. Canterbury has survived numerous wars.

The city of Canterbury still has many timber framed housed which date back to sixteenth and seventeenth century as well as the Old Weavers House and one can view St Martin’s Mill which has been converted into a house. There is also the best shopping opportunities as Canterbury has exceptional shops. The night life is tremendous as Canterbury – Kent livens up and one can relax and enjoy the wonderful food as well as pubs and bars.

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